Transitions to K12

Stay informed about early learning and get information on local resources delivered right to your inbox. Become a member of our network to access our transition tool kits for parents, families, and early learning providers to make sure all kids (and families) have the information they need to have a positive transition to K12 schools.

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Access data reports on local early learning. We collect and share data to empower our community to make decisions, be proactive, and respond to needs of our early learners.

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We provide professional development, family/parent education, and convene our community around our mission and core objectives.

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  • Suicide Prevention Training (here)
  • MLTS Showings (here)
  • October 3rd, Preschool Directors Networking and Learn Event
  • November 9th, Greater Fishers area preschool fair (providers register online here)

Our Vision

The Early Learning Alliance Network envisions a community that is empowered with information and resources to engage in and support high quality early learning. This community will exist through transparency, networking, learning, and a commitment to all young children. As a result of our work, all children will become active heroes in their own learning, enabling them to see themselves as competent and valued contributors to our community.

Provide seamless transitions from home and public schools to kindergarten. Collect and share data. Empower families with knowledge to make informed decisions for their young children. Engage community to empower high quality early learning.