Inquiry and STEM in Early Learning

Dr. Denna Renbarger - Early Learning Alliance Network - Early Learning SpecialistWe are thrilled to invite you to join in a conversation about inquiry and STEM in early learning, facilitated by Dr. Denna Renbarger (former Director of Early Learning at MSD of Lawrence Township).

Join us for this no-cost event that is for preschool directors and preschool teachers. This event is meant to provide an opportunity to meet as a community and engage in meaningful conversations (facilitated by Dr. Renbarger) around their work.

During this event early learning professionals will…

1.  Engage with a framework for understanding inquiry and STEM in early learning.

2.  See examples of inquiry and STEM in early learning.

3.  Walk through an inquiry lesson and see the difference in learning experience for yourself.

This event is sponsored and facilitated by the Early Learning Alliance Network.

When: Wednesday, December 6th

Time: 9:30am – 12:00am

Where: Saxony Hall Parks Building

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