Early Learning Alliance Network, Early Learning Indiana, Fishers, Indiana, Preschool, Day care, PreK, KindergartenThank you to every early learning professional and educational advocate that took the time to join us for our Spring 2019 Networking and Learn event.

Heartland Church hosts the Early Learning Alliance Network, Early Learning Indiana, Fishers, Indiana, Preschool, Day care, PreK, KindergartenThank you to Heartland Church for hosting preschool directors and early learning professionals for this awesome event. We were thrilled to be able use your space and thankful for your generosity in providing breakfast and drinks for our guests.

Dr. Erica Buchanan Rivera Heartland Church hosts the Early Learning Alliance Network, Early Learning Indiana, Fishers, Indiana, Preschool, Day care, PreK, KindergartenThank you to the Chief Equity Officer from Hamilton Southeastern School District, Dr. Erica Buchanan-Rivera for sharing your work with equity and examples of what early learning professionals can do to expand their work in providing safe, equitable spaces for all children. See Dr. Buchanan Rivera's presentation here.

Thank you to the Hamilton County Systems of Care and their partners in their Early Childhood Initiative for sharing the report from preschool directors on expulsions and separations. Read the report online here.

Thank you to our friends at the Indiana Department of Education for supporting the participants today but sharing your work and the recently released resources for Early Learning. Take a peak at what the INDoE shared here.

Early Learning Alliance Network, Early Learning Indiana, Fishers, Indiana, Preschool, Day care, PreK, KindergartenThank you to Child Care Answers for providing resources for the directors that were able to attend this event. Here is information on "Building your inclusion toolbox." Here is information on the Latina Conference coming to our community on May 4th.

Updates from the Early Learning Alliance Network: Dr. Jody Britten, Founder

Kindergarten Transition

Our first Kindergarten Transition Conversation in 2019 was held on March 26 with hosts Little Explorers and New Hope Preschool.  Thanks to all our speakers from HSE Schools and the parents that attended.  If you are interested in hosting a Kindergarten Transition event, please contact us!

Our updated HSE Kindergarten Registration transition packet for parents is now available online!  Please download and share with all of your Pre-K families that plan to attend HSE Schools for the 2019-2020 school year.

Print this poster off and post it for your parents to see, these are the highlights of our time with Kindergarten and elementary level professionals during our recent Kindergarten Conversation.

Week of the Young Child

Coming up April 8-12, The Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration hosted by NAEYC to spotlight early learning, young children, their teachers, families, and communities. Thank you to the Mayors of Carmel, Fishers and Noblesville for their support by issuing Proclamations for WOYC.  We have lots of great local events planned to help us celebrate in our community - check out the plan here.  Check out the new Art Walk and submit art from your program March 27 and 28.  Please tag us on your social media posts and send us pictures from celebration activities at your program.

For additional resources, check out the NAEYC Week of the Young Child site.

Please help us recognize local caregivers and educators!  As part of our commitment to our community, we celebrate those educators and caregivers of children ages birth through eight whose contributions have been acknowledged by parents, families, leaders, community members, and other stakeholders.  Please share with all you families and recognize your awesome staff members here.

Mayor’s Breakfast with Scott Fadness

On April 17, the second annual breakfast with Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness will bring together leaders in our early learning community.  There are still a few spots left so please register soon if you haven’t already!  Join in on this important conversation.

The networking group continues on Facebook!  Join Preschool Directors Serving Hamilton County Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PreschoolDirectorsServingHC/


The Spring 2019 Network and Learn Meeting for Preschool Directors and Stakeholders Serving Hamilton County

Thank you to those that participated in the Spring meeting. We loved our host location at Heartland Church/Adventureland and are so thankful to all the attendees and speakers. Below are the materials for your access...

Crystal Harrison and Diana Vogel, Co-owners of Playful Solutions

Playful Solutions offers a variety of services for both family and educational settings. Their unique approach is inspired by the work of Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia approach. They believe children are active participants in their own quest for knowledge.  At the meeting, Crystal discussed Environment as a 3rd Teacher.


Sarah Parks-Reese, Pre-K Expansion Specialist, and Krystal Robinson, Early Learning Specialist, Indiana Department of Education

Krystal and Sarah discussed new resources from the DOE.  Specifically, there are new guidance documents for the Foundations in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. More guidance documents are coming this year.  In addition, there is a new crosswalk document connecting Indiana Social Emotional Learning Competencies and Indiana Learning Foundations.

To subscribe to the new #INspirEDearly newsletter and get additional updates and materials, go to the DOE website.


Erica Buchanan-Rivera, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer – Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Dr. Buchanan-Rivera values teaching and modeling equitable methods that promote inclusive excellence. It is her role to examine the systems, policies, and practices that may inadvertently breed inequities within our schools. She is passionate about cultural responsive pedagogy, inclusivity, and ensuring that each classroom is an identity-safe environment or a classroom free of stereotypical views.  At the meeting, she spoke about equity in early childhood settings and building safe spaces for learning.


Systems of Care, Early Childhood Initiative Findings Report:  Understanding Preschool Expulsions and Separations in Hamilton County, Indiana

You can access the report online here.  The initial data from the survey of providers serving Hamilton County suggests that separations are happening and there may be several underlying causes.  Even in the best case scenario, it takes a long time from the first observed issue and ultimate intervention and support.  Providers and families need more information and support to identify issues early and support young children – thus preventing separations from preschool programs.

During our discussion, table groups covered two questions:

  1. What do families need to better address issues and challenging behaviors?
  2. What do programs and teachers need?

We are having a working session on April 22 to develop new tools for local providers that will combine the best of what may already be out there and incorporate resources specifically for Hamilton County.  If you are interested in joining the SOC workgroup in this work or have questions/suggestions, please contact Sara.

Child Care Answers

Thanks to Cheryl Tyler, Outreach Coordinator, and Vicky Lehman, Professional Development Specialist, from Child Care Answers for attending the Spring Meeting.  Child Care Answers is the local Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) agency for Hamilton County.  All providers in Hamilton County can contact CCA and use their resources.  They shared several upcoming events – see the flyers for the upcoming Latina Conference and Building Your Inclusive Toolbox Super Saturday.

Find out more and upcoming FREE professional development opportunities at https://childcareanswers.com/ 


  • Join in the celebration for Week of the Young Child April 8-12!  Submit art for the Art Walk ASAP!
  • Register for the Mayor’s Breakfast
  • Contact us to participate in the Systems of Care Early Childhood workgroup on April 22
  • Share the updated HSE Kindergarten registration packet with parents
  • Subscribe to the #INspirEDearly newsletter through the IDOE
  • Check out upcoming training available through Child Care Answers
  • Mark your calendar for our Fall Meeting Thursday, 10/3/19!