The Early Learning Alliance Network has emerged as a scalable national model for connecting early learning providers, families of young children, pediatricians, and other stakeholders. Our theory of change focuses on creating a system where parents and families do not have to navigate independently our systems that support young children. We started this work with one thing in mind: doing better.  Our work has created a replicable model for connecting systems and making it possible for all parents, all educators, all families, and all care givers of young children to thrive. We started this work in Hamilton County, Indiana (one of the fastest growing counties in the United States) and are currently identifying additional locations that could benefit from our work.

What we do...

Support Transitions into Kindergarten

Making decisions, being in the know, and understanding K12 today is big stuff for parents and families. We work to make it all a bit more easy. We work with preschools to help support connections into Kindergarten, and help leaders in both K12 and preK leverage communication tools for parents. Our kids deserve our best, we help to make sure that every partner is empowered to do so.

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Improve Data Around Local Early Learning

Our 20 million children ages 0-4 in the United States are important, and deserve our care and attention. We can not wait until they are five years old to start valuing their safety, schooling, access to early intervention, and the supports which their families have access to and receive. We collect and share data to empower participating communities to make decisions, be proactive, and respond to needs of our early learners, their families, educators, and caregivers.

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Empower our Community

We provide professional development, family/parent education, and convene our community around our mission and core objectives. Empowering children is one facet of this work, but empowering communities, organizations, and caregivers to support those children is a large part of our commitment. We create networks that streamline access and strategically support the growth of the whole child.

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Our Vision

The Early Learning Alliance Network envisions a community that is empowered with information and resources to engage in and support high quality early learning. This community will exist through transparency, networking, learning, and a commitment to all young children. As a result of our work, systems of learning will connect to ensure that all families and children and educators have access to what they need to thrive.

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