The Early Learning Alliance Network exists to connect, educate, advocate, and innovate in support of families, educators, and other caregivers of young children. As part of our work we aspire to:

  • Start conversations
  • Connect stakeholders
  • Facilitate networking for the good of communities and children 
  • Design data systems that lay a foundation of support for all children 
  • Inspire and model connections between organizations, stakeholders, and individuals 
  • Innovate to solve big problems that impeded the wellbeing and opportunity of young children 

“As a parent, I can tell you that I have never had the support for young child with unique needs that I received from ELAN. No-one was able to connect the dots and get us the help we need until we found this magnificent team of people.”  

P. Mahoney

Pilot communities have tested, retested, and retooled process and focus areas to refine the Early Learning Alliance Network model and assess the accuracy and flexibility of the organizational pillars. Our pillars include:

  • Research based strategies
  • Data driven practices 
  • Systems focused solutions 
  • Digitally empowered and innovation focused
  • Human centered design and facilitation 

While the numbers of participants and contact points with families, educators, community members, etc. speak for themselves the outcomes paint a picture  of what is possible for any community to achieve using the Early Learning Alliance Network model.

In pilot communities we have achieved great things for the stakeholders we work for. In our first two years we have:

  • Created an active community of early learning providers with near daily high-level interactions. 
  • Create a non-profit coalition to connect those who serve children and families. 
  • Launched the first safety alert system for early learning and care providers with local law enforcement. 
  • Facilitated conversations with law makers and families impacted by legislation. 
  • Deployed STEM materials and helped to create STEM Labs for early learning. 
  • Facilitated discussions and outreach efforts to reopen/stay open through COVID-19.
  • Deployed SEL, equity, and mental health materials and training for preK-4th grade educators. 
  • Facilitated events that support women leaders in early learning. 
  • Developed tools for parents to select and connect with early learning providers. 
  • Collected data for county wide initiatives, parks planning, family needs analysis, job security for early learning professionals, , and more. 
  • Delivered reports for policy makers.
  • Coached parents/families through early intervention support and services. 
  • Supported a city-wide equity plan to address racial injustice. 
  • Developed video trainings to help families understand the role of school boards and how to support public education.

Our model is flexible, innovative, research-based, and proven effect. Learn more about our locations and getting started.