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There is nothing we love more than igniting conversations about learning in our community. Too often we get caught up in thinking about the mechanics of school, early education, and parenting. We can bypass the mechanics by focusing our energy on conversations around school, early education, and parenting that are grounded in learning.

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What School Could Be (by Ted Dintersmith)

THRIVE (by Grant Lichtman)

Most Likely to Succeed (by Tony Wagner & Ted Dintersmith)

Why learning?

Learning has been at the core of our contributions since day one. Here is why…

If nothing else in this life I have become a keen observer of humans as individuals, colleagues, leaders, community members, and parents/families. As I’ve continued my efforts to impact eduction, it has become clear that beyond our connected thread of humanness there is another layer that connects us. That layer is our innate curiosity that drives us to learn. The science and attitudinal beliefs about learning are as complicated and conflicting as the stories and histories of us as humans. As a graduate student at the University of Kansas I sat through the state level arguments challenging how schools would teach human history. The premise for the argument; Do we teach creationism? Do we teacher evolution? Do we force the selection of one over the other? Watching that argument play out was my first experience with passionate, conflicting beliefs about humanness and at the same time teaching and learning. I had read books, written too many things to count, led organizations, yet not until that state level argument did I realize the conflicting messages around learning that had been and continued to be erupting within our communities. From that point onward my role as a keen observer started to solidify. I nationally observed the growth challenges of communities struggling to reposition their value and slowly figure out how to position their schools (often without ever clearly stating their organizational beliefs on learning). When we had kids, that observing turned to action, and the Early Learning Alliance Network was born as a means to activate dialogue around one of the most important components of our lives: Learning. As we go on this journey we invite every community to engage, explore, connect, and commit to our kids. They deserve our very best. With gratitude for joining us on this journey…. Jody

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