Good Data

Empowered communities ignite positive connections, continuous learning, and shared opportunities. We do so through three priority areas (empowermentgood data, and transitions). Each of these priorities is positioned to provide research based strategies, data driven practices, and systems focused solutions.

We have a brilliant team that thinks through both human understanding and data to understand trends, needs, and more. We have a high-impact data acquisition management system that allows us to connect data points and drive our understanding. We have big questions and big dreams. We need big data to help all of our young children, educators, and families thrive. 


For every data project we complete our team provides a professional report to inform stakeholders.

Engage our Team

We are continually assisting organizations with data collection, data location, data source cleaning and understanding. As part of this work we have a high level infrastructure to support ongoing data collection. Often this is partnering with one of our national organizations or designing and collecting data for your use on our own. We have trained researchers, analyst, and writers on our team and in our pool of advisors. Privacy and protection is a high priority for our organization, we work with your organization or group to ensure methods are solid and data is useful.

Need data or research support?