Early Intervention in the time of COVID-19

The impact of school closures on young children and families is real. We are living through a moment that is testing the capacity of our systems and processes in completely new ways. As families of young children struggle with timelines for planning, individual education plan meetings, therapies, supports, and more we will continue to act as a resource.

Early Intervention Resources for Families During COVID-19

  1. Guidance for families on the impact of COVID-19 on schools (here)
  2. Guidance for families of children with disabilities (here)
  3. Special education delivery options for families of children with disabilities (here)

During COVID-19 so much is happening, please remember that when your child is being assessed or undergoing initial assessment a school or district cannot simply tell a parent that their assessment has been postponed, it takes a team and ALL voices need to be heard! 

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