We are committed to supporting all of our youngest learners

Our Early Intervention Specialist and network of educational leaders in special education and support services stand ready to help the families throughout our community!

Join us for a Parent Empowerment workshop! During this 1.5 hour event parents will receive expert coaching focused on how they can advocate for their child throughout the IEP, First Steps, and Child Find process. If you are interested in participating complete the form below and we will email you when the next event is scheduled. 


Terms Terms and More Terms

Hey parents, families, advocates, and care takers that are confused about all the terms that get thrown at you during early intervention, 504, and the IEP process here is our "friendly" list of terms that we hope help you as you navigate the process. Remember we are here to help, reach out if you need us! (Learn more here)

Need an advocate?

Reach out to our Early Intervention Specialist who can provide parent coaching via phone or in person. Peg is an IN-Source certified advocate and has years of experience working to support children and families with unique needs.

Learn more about IN-Source online here.