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The Early Learning Alliance Network is committed to accelerating understanding of and access to developmentally appropriate early learning experiences for all children through education, outreach, and advocacy.

As part of our commitment to our community we celebrate those educators and caregivers of children ages birth through eight whose contributions have been acknowledged by parents, families, leaders, community members, and other stakeholders.

Early Learning Alliance Network Celebration of Educators and Caretakers April 2018

The following individuals have been acknowledged by community members for supporting our youngest learners.

Miss Joyce and Miss Lori

Primrose - Noblesville

Miss Joyce and Miss Lori in the infant classroom at Primrose Noblesville. Both teachers are always there with a smile, they take car of our children as if they are their own and they are constantly teaching them. They greet my daughter with such joy and excitement every morning and always ensure to send us a picture as well as they write the cutest sweetest notes telling us how much their love our daughter. I feel beyond confident every day when I drop off my daughter.

Liza Borgert

Thorpe Creek Elementary - Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Ms. Borgert is a kindergarten teacher at Thorpe Creek Elementary. My kindergartener was new to the school, and the state, this year and was nervous to start school. The second we met Ms. Borgert he knew he would be okay. She is so loving and adventurous. Her hard work and dedication to the students and the school is marvelous. She makes sure to send newsletters and somehow is able to help each student grow and learn, while considering their individual learning styles. She works with other teachers to create inquiry-based learning projects so the students can work together. We could not have asked for a better start to our kindergarteners experience at TCE.

George Marquardt

Fall Creek Elementary - Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Mr. Marquardt is truly one of the most amazing teachers we've come across in an elementary school setting. He creates a classroom that is so supportive and makes a concerted effort to connect with his third grade students in multiple ways. Lunch and recess time isn't his down time. He uses all his time at school to connect with his students by eating with them and playing sports at recess. He takes time on weekends to cheer on students in their extracurricular activities and support them in all their interests! He cheers on kids learning how to use self control and be self motivated with fun activities like pizza parties and shaving his head! His communication with parents is spectacular and he always addresses any questions or concerns immediately. Our daughter cried when school was over for the year and still talks fondly of his classroom. He is an amazing educator and person.

Teresa Hinkle

Nature's Point Cooperative Preschool - Noblesville

Ms. Teresa makes learning fun and meaningful for her 4 and 5 year old class. Her classroom environment encourages exploratory play, fosters creativity, and lets children know that their work is valued. I especially appreciate that she places a great emphasis on building executive function. She recognizes that the ability to self-regulate and control impulses is so important and sets the foundation for future academic success. I am thankful for her gentle guidance with my son that is setting a foundation for his future.

DeWayne Kittrell

Funshine Children's Center - Carmel

Mr. DeWayne is a wonderful Pre-K teacher and mentor to fellow teachers. His experience with children and his values foster empathy, respect, and a love of music in the children in addition to teaching them to read! Mr. DeWayne has set such a positive foundation in learning for so many children in the 18 years he has been teaching. I appreciate so many qualities in Mr. DeWayne, his dedication to the children, professionalism, kindness, passion for high quality early childhood experiences, respect for people and his general heart of gold make a difference in the lives of the children, families and co-workers.

Shannon Smith

Early Learning Center at Amy Beverland - MSD Lawrence Township

Shannon Smith is a fabulous educator. She loves her students and works hard to give them what they need academically! She develops wonderful play-based lessons for her students! She works hard and is dedicated to her school and students.

Kelly Bonar

Emmanuel Christian School, Noblesville

She is the most kind, patience and caring person that I have meet. She loves all the children in her class as her own. She is always smiling and hugging the kids. She truly has love in her heart!

Our teacher is always in great spirits and I am not sure how she does everything she does! We are so grateful and blessed that our daughter has been able to work with such a caring teacher!

Miss Kelly has had 3 of our children in class over the last few years and has been such a tender and welcoming presence in their development! I'm so thankful for her caring leadership.

Jackie Renick

Thorpe Creek Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools

My son had Mrs. Renick as his first grade teacher last year. It was only for a few months (she left to go have her own babies!) but in that time she made such a lasting impression on him and our entire family. It wasn't just the academics (although he came home excited everyday about what he had learned.). She is so caring, and as we worked through some personal challenges he was having, it was such a comfort knowing she was there for him everyday. Her communication was more than I could have asked for and I truly felt we were on a team as we navigated through his anxieties at the beginning of the year. It was a hard time for me as a mom, and she was the best teacher we could have asked for!

Elizabeth Garrett

Children's Therapy Connection, Fishers 

Elizabeth is my foster daighter's physical therapist through First Steps. She is amazing!

Jessica Stewart

Little Explorers Preschool, Fishers 

We have felt so lucky to have Miss Jessica as our son's Pre-K teacher. He is excited to come home and share what he's learned and amazes me daily. It is so much more than just the reading and writing that she teaches them. She makes sure that they are learning to be kind, to be a friend, and to be confident in themselves. She is so caring and you can tell how much she loves our kiddos. Thank you Miss Jessica!

Jamie Myers

Maple Glenn Elementary School, Westfield Washington Schools 

Jamie Myers is a kind, thoughtful, patient, and fun kindergarten teacher at Maple Glen Elementary in Westfield Washington Schools. She truly loves her students and they LOVE her in return. Mrs Myers welcomes and invites parents into her classroom, she displays student work everywhere and fosters a loving and nurturing educational environment.

Abbie Back

Durbin Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools 

We are so lucky to have Miss Back as our son's kindergarten teacher this year. She is fun, kind, and has such a big heart for her students. She has made learning how to read so much fun for our son. He loves to learn, loves to go to school, and loves Miss Back. We are so grateful for her and the love and compassion she teaches with.

Kim Cortez

Nature's Pointe Cooperative Preschool, Noblesville

Kim is the teacher in my son's two year old class, and she does such an amazing job with the children! She's extremely calm and attentive, and always communicates with the children to make sure their needs and emotions are recognized. She encourages them to be more self sufficient, and they love the sense of independence and responsibility. She always provides a great environment for the kids to learn through play. We're so lucky to have such a loving and passionate teacher to work with our kids!

Danielle Thompson

Fall Creek Elementary - Hamilton Southeastern Schools 

Mrs. Thompson is our son's Kindergarten teacher. We could not have asked for more from a first experience in public school. She is loving, exciting, engaging, and acts in the best interest of her students with every choice that she makes. We are so lucky to have her in our lives and so thankful for her passion to her students and always doing great things from them in her classroom. 

Kim Vance

Noblesville Caregiver

Kim is amazing and patient with them. My daughter loves seeing her in the mornings. She treats her just like she would her own children.

Michelle Jones

Emmanual Christian School, Noblesville

We are so thankful for our daughters preschool teacher Mrs Michelle!! She is an incredible woman with a true heart God and for each of her students that overflows out of the classroom daily!! The atmosphere in her classroom is warm, inviting and fun!! As a parent it is such a relief to know that your sending your child into the care of someone who is going to love, nurture, teach and challenge your child the way you would!! Our daughter has thrived and grown so much this year and we are so grateful for all of the input Mrs Michelle has in that process!!

Lisa Asquini

Emmanuel United Methodist Church Preschool, Noblesville

Lisa is devoted to educating preschoolers. She eagerly welcomes each student with open arms. Her patience with the children and compassion towards teaching is shown through her daily interactions with them. She has been a blessing to our family.

Angie Wegner

Emmanuel Christian School, Noblesville

"Miss Angie" is such a patient, loving woman. It takes a special person to teach 4 year olds each day, but she does it with such grace. She's able to connect with them, identify each one's personality and work with them as needed. My son is in her class only on Tuesdays & Thursdays, but he wishes he could go daily. He is full of energy and never wants to sit down, but Angie knows just how to channel Graham's energy into his school work and interactions with classmates. She's the best and we'll miss her so much next year!

Angie is an absolutely amazing teacher. Her love for the students is clear EVERY day. She has extreme patience and eagerness to help these preschoolers learn. She always has an amazing positive attitude and a smile on her face every day. My daughter absolutely adores Angie and can't stop talking about her. She begs to go see Ms. Angie every day and is sad when the weekend comes because she will miss her. My daughter looks up to her and learns SO MUCH from her. I am always nervous thinking about my child's first year of school but Angie is an angel and I have absolute confidence in her ability to teach and care for my daughter while at school. I wish I had Ms. Angie for all of my kids' teachers EVERY school year! Amazing woman and teacher!

Deb Edwards

Geist Montessori Academy, Fishers

Ms. Deb goes above and beyond for her students and is overall an amazing teacher!

Laura Libby

Emmanuel Christian School, Noblesville

Ms Laura is such an amazing teacher! She is always cheerful and optimistic and so wonderful with the children! Thanks Ms. Laura!

Laura Libby is very energetic and caring. She is the 1st preschool teacher we have had but we are so pleased with her and hope she can be recognized.

Denise Moore

Moore's Meadow, Noblesville

Please recognize Denise Moore, owner and operator of Moore's Meadow Childcare. She and her husband have been nurturing young children for more than 40 years, raising their own children, foster children, foster animals (everything from puppies to hawks with broken wings and everything in between) and running a home daycare. They are so full of love and wisdom for all the young children they care for. Our kids love them like family, and they are truly like a bonus set of grandparents. Their home is warm and inviting, and they teach children the valuable life lessons of kindness, sharing, patience, friendship, and fun.

Stacy Stone

Emmanuel United Methodist Church, Noblesville

We could not have picked anyone better to help build the foundation for learning for our preschooler. Mrs. Stacy has truly enriched our little girls love for learning, and undoubtedly loves the kids and what she does. Anytime I ask my daughter what she wants to be when she grows up, she proudly responds "Ms. Stacy." Emmanuel is so lucky to have her, and so are we!

Michelle Jones

Emmanuel United Methodist Church, Noblesville

Michelle Jones is my son's pre-K teacher and she pours her heart and soul into teaching. She absolutely adores each of her children and is amazing with all of them. I can really tell that she loves her job. She makes teaching look so easy, but in reality we all know it's anything but easy. She spends so much time preparing the children for Kindergarten with her lesson plans and activities. The children really don't even realize that they are learning most of the time because she makes it so much fun for them. I am truly grateful for Michelle Jones.

We have loved having Miss Michelle. I'm absolute amazed at the way she can corral and lead a classroom. She has fostered the students eagerness to learn and to care for their fellow classmates. We have been incredibly blessed and impressed with her guidance!

Brandi Farrell

Fall Creek Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Brandi is a first grade teacher at Fall Creek Elementary School. She has taught there roughly twenty years and that is actually where she attend elementary school. Brandi really loves her students and her job. She is passionate about teaching and preparing each of her students for their next step. She spends countless hours outside of school preparing lesson plans, changing her classroom, supporting her students extracurricular activities and buying materials for her classroom out of her own pocket. She is also very sensitive to students who have special needs and who may not learn in a "traditional setting" and so she adapts to each of their needs and what works/helps them learn. Brandi is always trying to better herself as a teacher and parent through educating herself on the needs of her students and her children. I have learned by watching my sister through the years that teaching isn't just a 4o hour a week position with free summers, it is about building a repoire with your students and creating life long relationships. Sometimes that requires a lot more work, but the reward is far greater than the sacrifice to Brandi. She is an extraordinary teacher.

Erin Nornberg

Brooks School Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Mrs. Nornberg is an incredible kindergarten teacher! She is so kind and nurturing and goes above and beyond for each of her students. She has shown my daughter a love of learning and school. Each day my daughter comes home and plays school and acts just like her wonderful teacher. It is so fun to see how much she just loves her teacher! We are so thankful to have Mrs. Nornberg!

Matthew Wallace

Thorpe Creek Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools 

Mr. Matthew Wallace is my son's second grade teacher. He is an absolutely incredible teacher. My son loves going to school and has learned so much this year. He has made great strides in reading, math, and spelling, all of which are due solely to Mr. Wallace's efforts in the classroom. More importantly, my son looks forward to going to school each day. When something positive happens outside of school, one of the first things my son says is "I can't wait to tell Mr. Wallace about it." My son has also complained that the school year is coming to an end soon, because it means Mr. Wallace won't be his teacher anymore. This is because Mr. Wallace takes a vested interest in his students personal well-being in addition to their academic growth. We are so grateful for Mr. Wallace. Our son simply wouldn't be the eight year old he has become without having had Mr. Wallace this year.

Lori Lorenz

Little Explorers - Fishers

Lori and her team provided an amazing jump start to my son's education at Little Explorers Preschool. She helped develop a young mind who loves to learn and excels in the 1st grade. She cares for all of her students like they are her own and treats the parents with the upmost respect, creating a parent-teacher relationship that is unsurpassable. Her use of the play to learn model was a key to my child's success!

The entire staff at Little Explorers goes above and beyond for my kids. They make learning fun and care for kids like they are their own. If my son is having a hard day, they go out of their way to help him to feel comfortable and then send me pictures so I know that he is happy. I am so thankful to have found this incredible preschool!

Kimberly Kaholo

Creative Campus Childcare - Noblesville

Ms. Kim has been a staple at Creative Campus Child Care. She has provided my children with a safe, loving and nurturing environment through out the past few years. I believe she has worked there for over 10 years and I admire her patience and commitment. It takes special people to work in early childhood and she is nothing short of wonderful!

Ashley Lansdell

Fall Creek Elementary - Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Mrs. Lansdell is a highly skilled kindergarten teacher who supports her young students in developmentally appropriate ways. She engages them with technology in ways that are open ended to allow their own thinking and creativity to shine through. She creates a classroom that is supportive to her students and communicates learning successes to the parents who can feel included in classroom activities even when we can't get into the classroom to observe.

Laura Moos

Thorpe Creek Elementary - Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Ms. Laura Moos is a first grade teacher at Thorpe Creek Elementary and is making a tremendous impact on the lives of young children. She has created a rich learning environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and curiosity guided by the interests of the children. I especially love how she has incorporated Intergenerational Learning which has proven to be mutually beneficial. The residents adore playing games, reading, creating and interacting with the students. Likewise, the students have enjoyed meaningful conversations and learning from the wisdom of our older generations. My son wants to continue visits to Hamilton Trace through the summer. Her work in the classroom will have a lasting impact and I cannot thank her enough!

Donna Kilgore

Funshine Children's Center - Carmel

Ms. Donna is an amazing infant caregiver! Her warmth and love of babies is apparent in every interaction she has with them and she is so knowledgeable of their needs. I could not imagine a more trustworthy, caring or competent person to nurture little ones and I appreciate all the love she pours into the children in her care. It's was reassuring to know that my daughter was in such great hands when she was in her classroom, and we love to visit her and give hugs now that she's "graduated" to the Toddler classroom.

Ashley Passwater

Sand Creek Elementary - Hamilton Southeastern Schools

I would like to recognize my daughters Kindergarten Teacher. She is beyond amazing. We couldn't ask for a more caring, kind and compassionate teacher. You can tell she was born to be an educator. The time and love she puts into her classroom is something you don't see everyday. We are beyond lucky to have her in our life.

Stephanie Couch

Previous Tots, Noblesville

Stephanie is an amazing educator and caregiver who puts her heart and soul into creating a safe and fun learning environment for kids 0-5. She miraculously engages all ages simultaneously and helps them grow through crafts, games, books, and imaginative play! She is simply the best.

Krista Elston

First Steps, Noblesville

Krista Elston is a dedicated and compassionate woman that changed our family forever through her work as a speech therapist for my daughter. Before Krista started working with my daughter, she could not call for Momma or Dadda, say her own name, etc. It was excruciating to watch her struggle to communicate, as a mother I was lost on how to help her. Enter Krista. At first the work was slow, but we were seeing small victories, but within about 12 month period, Krista gave us something we could not have done on our own. I will forever be grateful to her for the tremendous gift she gave us. Krista does not visit us anymore, but I know she spends her days helping other children learn to find their voices, and for that I feel she ought to be recognized.

Christine Dawdy

Geist Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Ms. Dawdy is an amazing teacher who brings fun to the classroom each and every day. Her warmth, creativity, patience, and positive attitude have helped our kids transition so well in kindergarten and we are so thankful for all she does!

Jennifer Lundberg

Harrison Parkway Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools

My son came from a preschool program in another county that did not give him the start he needed to be successful in a Hamilton County kindergarten classroom. Mrs. Lundberg recognized and helped identify where he was struggling and worked with us to help resolve those issues. He began to excel and thrive because of her patience and expertise.

Michelle Smit

Thorpe Creek Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools 

Michelle Smit is my middle son's kindergarten teacher. She also taught my older son, who is now in second grade. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. We moved to Fishers 2 years ago in the middle of the school year, and she made our older son's transition seamless with her kindness. On his first day, she made sure he could come in a little earlier than the other students so he could feel comfortable and safe. She also put my mind at ease over and over again through emails and phone calls home to let me know how he was adjusting. Our oldest son still goes to see her for a hug regularly, and she is always a source of positive reinforcement for him. Mrs. Smit currently teaches our middle son. He loves going to school each day and has truly blossomed under her care and instruction. I am lucky enough to volunteer in her classroom, and I get to see first hand her patience and love for not just her students, but all students in the school. Our family is so grateful for what Mrs. Smit has done for us.

Marlo Landis

Nature's Pointe Cooperative Preschool, Noblesville

Ms. Marlo is a shining example of an early education teacher. Marlo is kind, patient, compassionate and most of all fun! She encourages her students to learn through play by providing them engaging activities that spark their imaginations. Every class Ms. Marlo makes sure each child receives one on one attention and is always ready with a kind word or hug. Her love for teaching is contagious, she makes every parent participating in her classroom strive to do more. Marlo has given both my children the best gift any educator can give, a love for learning! Nature's Pointe Co-op Preschool is a better school because of Marlo's dedication to her students and early childhood education.

Corinne Sculthorp

Brooks School Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Miss Corinne does a wonderful job creating a fun and inclusive learning environment for all of her students. She is very creative with the activities she does with students and reinforces concepts in new and engaging ways. She also emphasizes kindness and way students can show it, which is so important. It is a gift to students and families when a teacher loves what they do and cares about each student and their development. Her class is so thankful for all that she does.