Empathy & Kindness

Empathy and kindness are two of the most critical elements that we can develop in our children. We have been closely following the work out of the Harvard University, Making Caring Common Project. The report from that project is hard hitting and creates a call to action for parents and educators to nurture and support empathy and kindness.

Resources with Actions You Can Take to Support and Encourage Empathy and Kindness

  • Why Teaching Children Empathy (here)
  • Our Favorite Kids Book on Empathy (here)
  • Ages and Stages of Empathy (here)
  • Activity Ideas for Families and Classrooms (here)
  • Design for change Activities and Resources (here)
  • 7 Tips for Raising Caring Kids (here)
  • Capturing Caring Moments activity (here)
  • PDF handout to share with families on Raising Caring Kids (here)
  • Red flags for parents regarding pressure on our kids (here)
  • 5 Tips for cultivating Empathy in Kids (here)
  • Tips for Encouraging Honesty (here)
  • Story Reflections Activity for Kids (here)
  • All the Marking Caring Common Project Resources for Educators (here)
  • Article to Share with Families on Free Time (here)
  • How to Parents with more Empathy (here)
  • Milestones in Empathy (here)
  • Practicing Empathetic Parenting to help Cultivate Healthy Habits (here)
  • 4 Ways to Nurture Kindness (here)

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