Empowered communities ignite positive connections, continuous learning, and shared opportunities. We do so through three priority areas (empowerment, good data, and transitions). Each of these priorities is positioned to provide research based strategies, data driven practices, and systems focused solutions.

Community Commitments

Since its inception the Early Learning Alliance Network has been successful because our trained staff pivots to address foundational, ongoing, and emerging needs within communities. While other organizations might focus on a preset list of actions, we focus on pillars that inspire actions.

Every community has unique needs, systems, supports, and services. To achieve our vision we have carefully woven five pillars into every strategy that we use throughout the implementation of connecting, engaging, empowering, and igniting systems change to support young children. These pillars allow us to make significant change and direct impact in diverse communities.

Engage our Team

While we work with entire communities to ignite networks that ultimately enable all young children to thrive, we also provide support opportunities on an as needed basis. If you community is facing a particular issue or unique opportunity to grow our team can facilitate a customized Community Learning Series.

Community Learning Series: Understanding School Boards

We understand that learning is a life long process. We also understand that the engagement of community, family, and other stakeholders is imperative to the success of children. That is why our organization seeks to empower our community in order to actively and appropriately engage with and support their public schools. See an example of our Community Learning Series on School Boards with the National School Boards Association.