Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What’s your role?

We create and make available networks that support young children, their families, educators, and other caregivers. We do so by asking tough questions, finding answers, and findings the experts.

Do you recommend pre-schools?

No, we do not recommend pre-schools. We do however have a partnership with MyPreK that provides a directory of early learning providers and activity providers that serve children under the age of five. MyPreK is only available in communities where the ELAN team is working. You can find out more at 

Do you have a political agenda?

Nope! We exist to serve children and our community. We do not exist within structures like K12 schools or government agencies to ensure that we have maximum flexibility to serve our population. That said, our founder is continuously meeting with political servants around the United States to ensure that our message of support for early childhood and community are heard.

Do you take donations?

Yes, we operate as a not for profit organization and are continuously seeking out funds to support our work. If you are interested in having a discussion about donations please contact our Board President via the form below.

Are you open to sponsorships?

Yes, our founder and our non-profit board serve as the decision makers on all sponsorships. If you are interested in supporting our work, or the lives/work of those we serve please reach out using the form below. Or contact our founder directly.

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