Helping Families Get Ready For Kindergarten

Kindergarten Tips From Educators

  • Wondering what you should see in your child’s elementary classroom? Here are some suggestions from a local educational leader. [Download the PDF]
  • Want the poster with our walkaway from our latest Kindergarten Transition Conversation? Here it is in PDF

Examples from Hamilton County, Indiana

  • Looking for the HSE Kindergarten Transition Packet? UPDATED VERSION COMING SOON 
  • Looking for the Carmel Clay Kindergarten Transition Packet? UPDATED VERSION COMING SOON 

Questions All Families Need Answers To

Our work a diverse group of school districts, communities, and families allows us to learn from and with so many who are considered stakeholders in education. If you are a parent review these questions and find answers. If you are a school or district, you may want to think about how you are responding to these questions so that families can equitable access supports and information. See the top 20 questions families need to know for Kindergarten Transition here.

Kindergarten Conversations

Our kindergarten conversations have quickly become a community favorite. Join us as we talk, laugh, and hear directly from local educators and leaders about what kindergarten is today. This is open to families in our community and provided at no cost. You will walk away knowing what a typical kindergarten day is like for kids, how lunch and snacks are handled, what typical communication looks like between families and schools, best practice for technology inclusion in the classroom, what it means to be “ready for kindergarten,” and much more.

Due to COVID-19 closures and state at home orders we are not holding face to face conversations this year. Please see the video below, for a panel discussion with local educators about sending your kiddos off to Kindergarten!

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