Helping Home Therapists Feel Comfortable

We are seeing a continual surge in the number of young children that are receiving therapies in their home. That means that for the first time several early childhood therapists are going into individual homes and working in an environment that changes continually.

Our early intervention team identified tips for helping those therapists feel comfortable in your home.

  • Begin each day with a greeting and ask if there is anything you can do to help the day with your child run smoothly
  • Provide your therapist with a morning update about how your child slept and any progress on goals you worked on the day before
  • Allow the therapist space and time to bond with your child in home
  • Provide a space for your therapists belongings (ex. coat and purse) as well as space in the fridge for his/her lunch
  • Provide a designated space for therapy to take place and storage location for therapy supplies

Be sure to check out resource library for additional tools for early intervention.

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