Key Considerations when Preparing for an IEP Meeting

Key Considerations when Preparing for an IEP Meeting

Adapted from Pacer Center’s Transitioning from Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) to Kindergarten: Tips for Parents of Children with Challenging Behaviors


Key Considerations

  • Discuss with your child’s preschool teacher on ways to help ensure a smooth transition to KG. Plan a meeting prior to KG to help plan the transition.
  • Provide a list of strengths and areas of challenges as well as what has been successful for your child in their current early childhood program.
  • Ensure your child's records (including mental health medical records) are current and have them readily available.
  • Attend a school open house or information night. Schedule a tour of the program your child will enroll in to help ease the transition. Ask for a copy of the school handbook and event calendar to familiarize yourself with school offerings prior to enrollment.


Questions to Ask

  • How can supports and strategies that have been successfully implemented in my child’s early childhood program continue in Kindergarten? 
  • What supports will be needed and how will the school support my child in order for success in Kindergarten? 
  • What academic and educational goals does the IEP team have for my child given their challenging behavior? 
  • How can I help ease the transition to Kindergarten? What further insight and information can I provide to help make it a smooth transition?
  • What additional community programs are available to help support my child in their areas of challenges? 

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