Kindergarten Conversations

Our kindergarten conversations have quickly become a community favorite. Join us as we talk, laugh, and hear directly from local educators and leaders about what kindergarten is today. This is open to families in our community and provided at no cost. You will walk away knowing what a typical kindergarten day is like for kids, how lunch and snacks are handled, what typical communication looks like between families and schools, best practice for technology inclusion in the classroom, what it means to be “ready for kindergarten,” and much more.

Due to COVID-19 closures and state at home orders we are not holding face to face conversations this year. Please see the video below, for a panel discussion with local educators about sending your kiddos off to Kindergarten!

To have your kindergarten conversation facilitated in person or virtually with our team, reach out.

Schedule Your Facilitated Kindergarten Conversation for Incoming Families

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