Learning At Home

Engaging your PreK Children at Home

Thanks to our friends at Possip for welcoming our founder to do a Power Session on engaging young children at home. Take a listen to hear tips and tricks (and see a surprise appearance from one of Jody’s kids as she too tries to work from home – we are all about real life!).

Resources from our Early Intervention Team

  1. Guidance for families on the impact of COVID-19 on schools (here)
  2. Guidance for families of children with disabilities (here)
  3. Special education delivery options for families of children with disabilities (here)

Remember that when your child is being assessed or undergoing initial assessment a school or district cannot simply tell a parent that their assessment has been postponed, it takes a team and ALL voices need to be heard! 

Learning Resources at Home

We are continually curating options for learning at home, see examples of weekly resources and other information below.

  • Our 30 days of gratitude challenge (here)
  • See some tips from our founder on eLearning in elementary school (here)
  • “I wonder” documentation grid (here)
  • Start a Nature Journal (like the one from Wild Kratts here)
  • Jump into Loose Parts Play (here)
  • The big list of author virtual read alouds (here)
  • Our Personalized Learning Template (here)
  • PBS Kids preschool learning at home resources (here)
  • Can you use our checklist for littles learning at home to help capture your child’s learning? (here)
  • Wondering about the skills your child can develop at home? Check out our 6 Skills document (here)

Tips for those Families Using at-home Therapy for their Children with Special Needs

eBooks from our Team to Support you at Home

  • STEM/STEAM materials, toys, games, and book list for 2020 (here)
  • Early Learning at Home (here)

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