Noticing Equity in Classrooms

The work of equity is ongoing, individuals nor organizations reach a point of perfection with equity. The work is ongoing and must be intentional. The following are resources for parents/families. If the care/education providers that you are sending your children to are paying attention and active in their quest for equitable practice here are a few things you should see.

Looking for Evidence of Equity

Over the past five years we have witnessed a greater attention to and discussion of equity as a cornerstone of education and care for children. As with most everything our organization does, we are forward thinking focusing not only on the development of human capital but also observing actions that uphold the promises and growth we are making among staff, educators, communities, etc.

Our new resource provides a research-based overview of evidence you may see (and more than likely should see) in every classroom and learning environment for your children. We encourage you to use this list to ask questions, engage in dialogue, and advocate for your own children and their peers. Equity does not happen without champions. Be a champion.

Be a champion for equity

When you are a champion for equity you:

  • Ask
  • Pay attention
  • Look for evidence
  • Have hard conversations
  • Set expectations
  • Follow through
  • Seek support
  • Connect
  • Collaborate
  • Learn with and f rom others
  • Practice and support equity at home

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