Our Data Commitment

We have a brilliant team that thinks through both human understanding and data to understand trends, needs, and more. We have a high-impact data acquisition management system that allows us to connect data points and drive our understanding. We have big questions and big dreams. We need big data to help all of our young children, educators, and families thrive.



Access the data dashboard that is helping the Fishers Non-profit Coalition with their direction and continuing connections [see dashboard here]

UDL Self-directed Professional Learning Pilot (for UDL-IRN) [download report]


Early Learning Providers Survey 2019 [download report]

Agri-Park: Early Learning Community Conversations (for Fishers Parks and Recreation) [download report]

Personal Perspectives: Understanding parent and provider impact of insurance reimbursement rate reduction for ABA Therapy. [download report]

Expulsions and Separation Initial Survey for Hamilton County [download report]


Early Learning Community Survey [see report online] [download report]

Preschool Tuition Survey Results [Preschool Tuition Survey Results in PDF]

Preschool Salary Survey Results [Preschool Salary Survey Results in PDF]


Kindergarten Conversations [see information on event] [see report online] [download report]

Student Required Devices Survey Results [see report online] [download report]

Preschool Salary Survey Results

Parks Programs Survey Results for Early Childhood [see report online] [download report]

Submit Your Data Request

We are continually assisting organizations with data collection, data location, data source cleaning and understanding. As part of this work we have a high level infrastructure to support ongoing data collection. Often this is partnering with one of our national organizations or designing and collecting data for your use on our own. We have trained researchers, analyst, and writers on our team and in our pool of advisors. Privacy and protection is a high priority for our organization, if you have questions please contact our Founder.

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