Our Mission

The Early Learning Alliance Network if guided by a simple creed: When others ask why, we ask why not.

The Early Learning Alliance Network envisions communities where all parents, educators, and other caregivers of children ages 0-8 are empowered with information and resources to support learning and development of all young children. These communities will exist through transparency, networking, a focus on learning, and a commitment to making the lives of all young children better. As a result of our work, systems of learning and support will strategically connect to ensure that all families, children, and educators have access to what they need to thrive.

The mission of the Early Learning Alliance Network…

The mission of the Early Learning Alliance Network is to connect, educate, advocate, and innovate in support of families, educators, and other caregivers of young children.

Kids thrive when systems connect.

The work of the Early Learning Alliance Network is guided by critical questions.

  • How can data be improved and connected to inspire supports for all children in all communities?
  • How can we nurture sustainable feedback loops between early learning and K12 schools? 
  • How can networked communities ignite change that empowers all children?
  • How can we reach and engage those we care for and love all children? 
  • How can connected communities impact young children? 
  • How can ages 0-5 inform K12 vision and planning? 
  • How can networked humans support all children?

Who does the Early Learning Alliance Network engage?

We believe that there are critical players that together meet the needs of young children every day in communities all over the world. These critical players are more effective when they are connected. Within our work critical players include:

  • Birth to age five education and care providers 
  • Community agencies 
  • Wellness community 
  • K-12 education 
  • Policy makers
  • Families 

“The Early Learning Alliance Network is driving systems change at a time that we need it most.” – T. Pouge 

Because our work is based on relevant, real-time needs of communities we adapt and support as needed. During COVID-19 our network was instantly prepared to collect data, capture needs of families of young-children, connect and prepare to reopen/stay open plans, and more. We continually document progress of our model in effecting real change for communities.