Parents and Preschool

Looking for Support with Kindergarten transitions for your family?

Check out our kindergarten support page here.

Coming soon our questions every parent needs to ask tip sheet for getting ready for kindergarten.

What Should You See In Your Child’s Classroom?

nterested in learning more about what you should see in your child’s classroom? Take a peak at this new resource that was developed by a leader in a  local district.

In the document you will find more details on:

  • How the environment reflects the learners in the room
  • How the teacher assists with building strong relationships in the room
  • How a growth mindset is nurtured
  • How experiential and hands-on learning is valued
  • What conditions of learning are fostered in the classroom to ensure engagement

Take a peak… it is a great resource that will help shape your expectations of what school could be!

Equity and Racial Dialogue

There is renewed call to action for our children and families to understand issues of race and equity. New research clarifies that our children are taught racial prejudice starting at a very young cage. When we know better as parents and educators, we can do better. Check out our resources and support pageĀ here.

Parents and Preschool

Join us in our community conversations tour with preschools and parents. During this interactive meet-up parents will get to talk about preschool, their needs, and get some tips and tricks for finding, locating, and vetting preschool programs for your child/children. These are free events that are facilitated by our Networking and Outreach Coordinator, Mrs. Sara Mills Henderson.

Help in Choosing a Preschool

Our team of experts has developed a guide for parents that can help you to choose a preschool for your child/children. Take a peak at this forward thinking document that is grounded in learning science and developmentally appropriate practices. (Read more HERE)

Interested in hosting a parents and preschool conversation?

Drop us a line to get your event scheduled.

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