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Local nonprofit, school leaders support delay in local preschool registration

COVID-19 is impacted all of us in so many ways it cannot be counted accurately.  Now, a local group is calling for a delay in the registration cycle for part day and school year preschool registration for the 2021/2022 school year. The Early Learning Alliance Network (ELAN) released a statement in support of a local working group of  early childhood leaders collaboratively making the decision to delay.

Early Learning Alliance Network Partners with Racial Equity Community Network to Support Community Equity Work.

The Early Learning Alliance Network is proud to partner with the Racial Equity Community Network (RECN), a multiracial group in Fishers whose mission is to unite activists and organizations to impact the community, by eliminating cultural and racial misunderstandings that prohibit people from being their authentic selves. RECN is working with parks and recreation departments, the Early Learning Alliance Network, and Conner Prairie to create programming that allows students to engage in cultural connectivity, where they can learn from one another and begin to understand anti-bias education. Learn more about our partnership with the Racial Equity Community Network.

School Board Members Don’t Do That!

Knowing what a school board member can and can’t do is important in deciding who to pick. I also find that the ethics around the role are important and seeing which candidates and board members violate the ethics of the role also says a lot about the character of the people who we entrust to make policies that will protect and educate our kids. See coverage our our Community Learning Series: Understanding School Boards.

Engaging Pre-K Students in Learning at Home

With crisis homeschooling in full force, we’ve found that parents in need of some simple ideas on how to engage their preK children at home. It is not easy but it is possible. Learn from our founder and her real life view of engaging preK students in learning at home.

Fishers nonprofit groups forming a coalition

As Fishers has grown from the small town I found when moving here in 1991 to a city with a  current population estimated at nearly 95,000, we have also seen growth in the number of not-for-profit organizations formed in our city.  Even with the number of these organizations growing, the demand for services for Fishers families and young people grows even faster. A group of Fishers nonprofit leaders began to meet last year and explore ways to work together.  That has resulted in the launch of a local non profit coalition.  

Fishers Nonprofit Coalition established

A group of local nonprofit leaders recently created the Fishers Nonprofit Coalition to provide a network of nonprofit organizations supporting families and youth. The coalition was founded to identify needs within the community, cultivate community between nonprofits and curate data to support the demand in Fishers. Learn more about our efforts to support a connected community of non-profit leaders.

PNC Funds STEM/STEAM Event for the Early Learning Alliance Network.

The Early Learning Alliance Network (ELAN) on December 24, 2019, released details about upcoming educational opportunities for early learning professionals focused on enhancing STEM/STEAM learning for young children. The PNC Foundation provided funding to empower educators and professionals with educational resources that will help them better integrate critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration through play-based and experiential learning for preschoolers. Learn more about our PNC funding.