Donate for the Dream

Contribute to this key moment and help bring a new generation of learning to our kids and communities. As a thank you for your donation of $20 or more we will send you one of our custom Puravida bracelets that prove what a single thread can do for kids. Read about our story “A Single Thread” (a flip book created by our founder and her young children), and join in the fun! We made a promise to our kids it’s time to keep it.

(We will ship your bracelet as a thank you for your donation via US Postal Mail.) 



Our custom bracelet created just for ELAN from our friends at Puravida is a physical representation of our purpose. 

What do the colors stand for? 

Blue= Curiosity, Red= Empowerment, Yellow = Connection, Grey = Understanding, Black = Purpose,
and the Pink know = LOVE, the thing that ties this all together