our house is on fire

A note from our founder...

The impact of race, inequity, and injustice in our world is real. As hard as it is to talk with my children about racial prejudice I have to. Why? Because they are observant humans that learn from those around them; and sadly some of the ideas they come into contact with are not ones that promote equity and productive racial dialogue.

Today more than ever, parents, we have to talk with our kids about race and equity! Because we live in a world that demands understanding not just of our own bias, but how to address issues of bias that we encounter in our lives. We live in a world that demands us to be better and to stand up for others and to leverage any privilege we have to fight for those with none.

At ELAN we live by a creed, that creed is founded in the words of Maya Angelou: 
When we know better we do better.

Today we are launching this resource page specifically for race and equity for families and early childhood care/education providers in an effort to support our community as they begin and/or are continually active in their individual journey towards action. This is in the beginning stages and will grow and improve as our team continues to dive deep into best practice and seek guidance from our national network of equity champions.

These resources have been vetted by parents, educators, and leaders. Please do more than talk right now, please do more than wish and cry. Please do the hard work, have the hard conversations, and make every moment possible matter with your children as they develop into our next generation of powerful equity leaders.

As science suggests, children are never born racist. Let us be sure that we aren't teaching them to hold prejudice in our practices (intentional or otherwise). It is time friends to do more than talk and read and think. It is time for action, and the action starts with you.

Please let us know if you need support during this time. Thank you to every equity champion within our larger ELAN community, your work will continue to be important and critical in the months and years to come.

Be well, be bold, be active. 


Looking for Evidence of Equity

The work of equity is ongoing, individuals nor organizations reach a point of perfection with equity. The work is ongoing and must be intentional. The following are resources for parents/families. If the care/education providers that you are sending your children to are paying attention and active in their quest for equitable practice here are a few things you should see. See our check list on Evidence of Equity in Action here.

See the presentation slides from Dr. Erica Buchanan Rivera HERE