Our Why

We understand that learning is a life long process. We also understand that the engagement of community, family, and other stakeholders is imperative to the success of children. That is why our organization seeks to empower our community to actively and appropriately engage with and support their public schools. 

Our Move Against Myopic

Every system in our community interacts with families and children. We fundamentally believe that there must be a network that supports the empowerment of families and children to improve overall capacity of communities and systems within those communities to thrive. We focus on early learning to ensure that learning and empowerment starts at birth and keeps going. We start early, we address issues often, we pivot to address new innovations, and we build systems for big changes. Big changes can make great things happen for our kids. 

Learning Opportunity 1: Learning with the Indiana School Boards Association

See our interview with Micheal Adamson, Director of Board Services at the Indiana State School Boards Association., with key questions around the Role of School Boards.

Learning Opportunity 2: Key Recommendations

There are a few key actions school boards can take to ensure that they are continuing to meet the needs of all children. Join us for a conversation on key recommendations that can support great leadership in K12 schools.

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