Summer Camp & COVID-1

We’ve been carefully monitoring guidance for summer camps. Utilizing the American Camp Association as the trusted source, the following is provided to you as guidance for summer planning.

Wondering about Summer?

  • The CDC advises camps to give themselves as much time as possible before making final decisions about the summer. That’s because you’ll need to use the upcoming CDC point of view in your decision-making process. Rest assured ACA keep you closely informed about when the CDC will release their guidance.
  • If you have time to wait to review the CDC guidance, expect that you’ll need to align with developments such as rapid virus testing, antibody testing, and changes in community spread.
  • Consider virtual options now, so that you can consider all scenarios. ACA’s guidance can be found online here.
  • Be sure to monitor the CDC guidance here.

Be sure to connect with the experts on summer amps and local agencies to ensure that your opening, staffing, and mitigation plans are set.

Let’s have a safe and fun summer!

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