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Thank you for supporting our work! You can now make donations online, your donations are tax deductible and you will receive documentation of your contribution from our team. 

About the Early Learning Alliance Network

  • 2017, Founded as Not for Profit Organization in Indiana
  • 2019, granted tax exempt status from the IRS as a 501 (C)(3) organization (confirm our status online here)

Our First 2 Years by the Numbers

  • Number of educators receiving no-cost professional development: over 900
  • Number of community members receiving no cost training/ education: over 560
  • Number of early childhood professionals participating in bi- annual networking and learning events: over 150
  • Number of families participating in no-cost preschool fairs: over 400
  • Number of educators participating in professional development with ELAN provided child care: over 50
  • Number of individuals accessing Kindergarten transition documents: over 2,200
  • Number of individuals accessing continual outreach: over 52K per month
  • Number of educators recognized for service to young children: over 120
  • Number of organizations participating in the Early Learning Initiative: over 15
  • Number of stakeholders receiving newsletters: over 1,800
  • Estimated total children impacted by our work: over 19,000

Our Promise

  • We use funds to support young children (0-8) and their families, care givers, and educators through data, empowerment, and support for transitioning to Kindergarten.
  • We provide an annual report that details our outreach and will highlight donors.
  • We provide acknowledgement on our website and throughout our materials for donors and sponsors, at their request.
  • We use your funds for what you want to support, pick your area and you will know exactly what your funding has supported for our organization.
  • We won’t stop working on behalf of children, their families, educators, and caregivers.
  • We will use a strong research- base on best practice to drive the work and contributions of our organization.

Donations Received…

Make a donation online here.

Contact us to send a check.

What can you fund?

  • Organizational operations
  • Staffing
  • Events for early education-providers
  • Recognitions for educators
  • Professional training opportunities for educators and/or families
  • Special learning initiatives
  • Research
  • Mental health initiatives
  • Newsletters
  • Continual outreach

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